July 14-17, 2022

Power Prep from Tony! 

To receive your special BONUS, 
complete Tony’s assignment before the event kicks off! 

Here’s what you do:  
  • Download your Power Prep handout by clicking the link above. 
  • Schedule a time to watch the video training above featuring Tony’s dear friend and long-time partner, Scott Harris, who will be one of the facilitators on your UPW journey. 
  • ​Schedule time to complete your personal Wheel of Life & Gap Map in your Power Prep handout. 
  • ​When you are finished, submit your pre-event work to powerprep@tonyrobbins.com to receive your complimentary BONUS to help you get ready for true transformation at Unleash the Power Within!
  • FINAL STEP: Go LIVE in your Unleash the Power Within Facebook group and answer these four questions in under two minutes:
  • ​Where are you now?
  • ​Where do you want to be?
  • ​What are you going to do to close the gap?
  • ​Be sure to use #GapMapPowerPrep when you go LIVE
Tony and his team will be reading your Power Prep submissions and watching your videos in the Facebook group!  

This is a must-do step to help you prepare for your event and identify the gaps in your life.  

Tony uses your Power Prep work to tailor the event to your needs, so DO NOT skip this critical step. 
When you complete your Power Prep pre-work, you’ll receive a special gift from Tony’s Power Principles program.  

In this one-hour training, you’ll discover how to master your mindset so you can take massive action toward your desired outcomes.  

Plus, you’ll unlock a worksheet that will help you dive deeper into these concepts and how they apply to your life so you can create your NEW story! 
*See Official Rules for full eligibility requirements for all prizes. Void where prohibited by law.