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Due to the depth of interaction with Tony Robbins and his elite trainers, this event WILL sell out!

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Take a moment and dare to envision this life. Close your eyes and really feel it: What is it like? 

Stronger relationships with your friends, your family, your partner? 

Leaving behind the chaos of this last year to design and commit to thriving in the new year?

Peace within yourself as you leave behind all the baggage you’ve been carrying for so long? 

An unshakeable certainty in who you are, what you’re made for and where you’re headed in your life? 

A powerful sense of purpose to propel you toward the life you only ever dreamed of in the past? 

What does it look like? What does it FEEL like?

Date With Destiny is the program to get you there – to the life that may not have seemed possible or realistic. At Date With Destiny, what was once just a dream will become REAL....

The life you desire – the life you deserve! – is within reach… You just have to go and grab it.


"Date with Destiny is a life-changing experience. You grow so much, so fast, that you literally don't recognize the person you were from the first day..."

DEREK HOUGH | world renowned performer | DWD GrADUATE

The world is not going to stop changing, and it’s never going “back” to how it was before. 

The question is... are you going to live in reaction to everything going on around you? Or will you get proactive and create the life you desire and deserve, despite it all?

In this time of upheaval, chaos and change, you can either get caught up and lose your way or you can decide that no matter what your circumstances are, YOU are the designer, creator and architect of your life – that you’re in control of your future.
In order to turn all the uncertainty of our new reality into absolute 100% certainty in your ability to create and live the life you were made for, you need a new plan. 

That’s exactly what you’ll create with Tony Robbins at Date With Destiny.  

Date With Destiny is unlike ANY other event on the planet – it's Tony's favorite event because of the depth of transformation. Because of what it does for people's lives. 

This event is not just about learning what to DO to change your life, it's about BECOMING a better, truer version of yourself, so that you can experience happiness, joy, fulfillment, passion and purpose like never before.

Join us for an epic journey – 6 days of total LIVE immersion at the greatest virtual event in history with Tony! At Date With Destiny, you’ll discover who you are at the deepest level – and why! – and you’ll connect with your ultimate purpose, ignite your passion and create a NEW plan to achieve the ultimate vision of every area of your life. 
  • Eradicate the destructive subconscious behavior that prevents you from getting what you want in life when you learn to blame effectively!
  • Identify your life “blueprint” with Tony’s proprietary 9 Elements of Impact System to get an overview of everything that shapes your world today!
  • ​Master the levels of consciousness to successfully build friendships and create successful relationships at work and beyond! 
  • Identify the best parts of your personality that you want to develop and highlight to shape your ideal future with Tony’s Triad!
  • Write your own personal mission statement that reflects your core values, outline your top 5 goals for the coming year, 3 years and 10 years and create a concrete plan to ensure this is your best year yet! 
  • ​Continue your journey with Tony’s Mastery Community – a private online community to keep you motivated, accountable and connected with like-minded achievers from around the world! 

Find out what’s been stopping you from living the life you deserve and identify what, who and how to make the changes you need to close the gaps!

Use the ancient storytelling framework to envision the future you want to have and become the hero of your own life story! 

Take on life with more confidence, boldness and courage than ever before with an updated, comprehensive life plan!


"I finally discovered, loved and accepted the real me. It makes connecting, loving and accepting others easier. My best TR experience after 7 events!"

Rex Y. | Date With Destiny Graduate

Your Customized Life Plan

When is the last time you consciously created a life plan? After Date With Destiny, you will have a tangible life plan – like a personal manifesto! – that includes your values, a personal mission statement, your goals and a vision for your ideal life. 

6 Days with Tony Robbins LIVE

During Date With Destiny you get more “Tony time” than at ANY other Tony Robbins event. Work with Tony live, every day, to create breakthroughs that will change the course of your life! 

Event Sessions

During the event sessions, you’ll learn the tactical secrets to designing your life – secrets compiled through decades of research and expertise. This is where you get your foundation.

Team Breakouts

Team breakouts are where the magic happens! You’ll go through this experience with a team – you’ll get to know them and you’ll learn and grow together. During team breakouts you apply everything Tony teaches to YOUR life.


"I did Date With Destiny twice and got different things each time. I doubled my business the first time. The next time it was about relationships and creating the meaningful life I wanted!"

Luminita I. | Date With Destiny Graduate


The world’s #1 authority on personal growth, business transformation and peak performance.

After personally coaching more than 50 million people, Tony has mastered the psychology of success and is considered the world’s number one life and business strategist.

Tony uses his 4 decades of experience and the skills he has gained from working with these legendary figures up close, to transform lives around the world. Tony pours his heart and soul into Date With Destiny and as an attendee, you’ll get more concentrated time learning directly from Tony than you will at any other event! 


National Speaker

Master Co

Pranic Healer & Spiritual Teacher

Siri Lindley

Former World Champion Triathlete & Triathlon Coach

Live your life by DESIGN instead of DEFAULT

When you attend Date With Destiny Live Virtual Interactive Experience, you’ll be joined by thousands of people from all walks of life: entrepreneurs, doctors, spiritual healers, professionals, executives, creatives, coaches, leaders, dreamers, visionaries, students, seekers, athletes… the list goes on. 

But there is ONE characteristic that defines every single person who takes the action to attend: They know there is MORE and they won’t settle for a small life… for a life lived in fear. 

If you are tired of being yanked around by the circumstances of your life, of feeling powerless or out of control… Date With Destiny will give you the tools you need to overcome. This is the opportunity to take control of your life – not by force, but by tapping into your own deep psychology, making transformational changes and creating a blueprint for moving forward. 

If you’re ready to start living your life by DESIGN instead of DEFAULT…  



6-Day Immersive Live Event with Tony where you'll uncover your deepest values, define your personal mission, and create a customized life plan

3 Pre Event Fast Track Sessions to help you plan your days and prepare mentally and emotionally so you can get the most out of your event

Access to the private Mastery Facebook Community

Event Materials Box with Workbook and other materials to help support your transformation

We cannot ship boxes to Russia, Ukraine, Brazil, Venezuela, or Myanmar. 
Ticket holders in those countries can access digital versions of box materials.

Access to The Ultimate Advantage: The Secret to an Extraordinary Life – an exclusive training that you can't buy anywhere

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"It is in your moment of decision that your destiny is shaped."


 Date With Destiny is about understanding why you think the way you think; why certain notions or ideas make you excited or make you sad. And once you start to understand your operating system, how your mind and soul works, you can start to direct where you want to go, instead of letting it happen to you.

Peter Diamandis | Co-Founder and Chairman of X-Prize

 Tony Robbins is speaking a message that has been around since the beginning of humanity – about how to make the best of the gift of life that you have been given. I would tell anyone that’s even thinking about this: there is a spark in you and that spark will turn into a flame at Date With Destiny."

Melissa Etheridge | Grammy Award–Winning Music Artist

 There is something about the intensity, the amount of presence that Tony has at the event, and the subject matter being conveyed because it is much a deeper dive than UPW that it feels incredibly intimate. It’s very easy to forget that it is 3,000 people. In fact, sometimes in the midst of them, it just feels smaller which is wonderful.”

Jeff Kleeman | Film & Television Producer 

When was the last time that you did something really big and really successful in your life? Was it your business? Your career? Your family? 

Now I don’t know for sure, but I am willing to bet that it didn't just HAPPEN.

I'm willing to bet that you took CONTROL. You knew what you wanted and you went out there and achieved it.

Date With Destiny is that opportunity to take control of your life. Not just one thing. But really define what you want out of YOUR LIFE and make it happen.

And this year, more than ever, we need to take control of our lives… 

Whether you simply want to make some small shifts to take your life to the next level or you want to reclaim and redefine your life, Date With Destiny is where you do it!

I created Date With Destiny out of my personal experiences – the highs, lows, ups and downs. I developed the program to help others, to share how I discovered my purpose and teach you how to find yours. 

Date With Destiny is my favorite program and it is unlike anything else on the planet. It will teach you to think from your heart and to finally put a stake in the ground for who you are and what you are committed to in your life. 

Join me and the tens of thousands of others I’ve helped over the years as I show you how to take control and shape your future at Date with Destiny.

Live with passion!

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A. Transfer of Live, In-Person Events: Subject to applicable transfer fees, you may transfer one time for Date with Destiny prior to the start of your chosen session into the next available date for the same session. You must do so by notifying us in writing. Because this program will sell out well in advance, enrollment is on a first come, first serve basis. If you choose to transfer, you relinquish your priority standing in the program for which you enrolled. For Live, in-person events, if you transfer within 60 days of your scheduled session the following fee(s) will be due at the time of transfer in addition to your tuition.
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B. For any virtual DATE WITH DESTINY, if you decide the particular session is not right for you, any customers seeking a refund will need to click on a link you will be provided at the specific virtual Date with Destiny session for RRI Customer Service, and complete the necessary form online after attending the first half of the specific Virtual Date with Destiny Event. REFUNDS ARE AUTHORIZED AT THIS TIME ONLY. To be eligible for a refund, Customer must have attended the virtual Date with Destiny event for the first half of the event and request your refund through this Customer Service link and complete the required form online. Once you apply for the Satisfaction Guarantee at this time, you will no longer have any access to the virtual Date with Destiny event, and you agree to delete at that time any materials provided to you, including without limitation the online DATE WITH DESTINY workbook.
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